Madek Submit and Review Process Documentation

This document describes the process for submitting commits, reviewing them, and finally merging them.


The scope of the process described in this document comprises all submit requests and contracted work which results in one or more commits to be merged to the Madek project.

There is a relaxed process for work performed within the core Madek-Team.


The master branch in Madek contains only stable releases. The main working branch is called next.


An entity of work can be either submitted via a ticket on pivotal or by a pull request on Github. It must adhere to the following rules.

  1. All changes must be contained in one single commit.

  2. This single commit must be directly related to the current working branch.

  3. The submit comment must contain a link pointing to the CI results which must contain:

    1. the Tests results (for MRI and JRuby), and
    2. the Code Checks results

    The tree-objects page in Cider-CI combines exactly this information. It can be accessed via the tree-id link in each commit on the workspace page. The generic URI is


A submitted entity of work must be reviewed by the architect ( or by a person designated by the architect. In the case of a work related to a ticket on Pivotal the ticked might specify the designated reviewer in advance.

The review must conclude with a summary comment on the pivotal ticket or the Github commit. This comment must contain information if the request is accepted or rejected.


If the submitted work is accepted the reviewer must merge the work in a single commit on top to the current working branch. The author of the commit must refer to the original author who submitted the work and the committer must refer to the person who reviewed and merged the commit.

Relaxed Process for the Madek Core-Team

This section describes a relaxed process applicable to the core Madek-Team. This process is applied the end of avoiding excessive effort during development and in particular with respect of merging commits. Developers will commit a unit of work them self and immediately when the work is finished. Reviews will be added afterwards.

People belonging to the core Madek-Team: