User Manual

Looking for the User Manual? see Madek Help (Madek Hilfe) by ZHdK's Madek Support Team

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Below is the designated area for some yet-unsorted stuff, should be cleaned up before a release.


in PDF Form here

(Maintained by S. Schumacher)


  • master: on production
  • staging: on staging
  • next: collect for staging

External Contributors

(for non-technical staff the same process applies)

  • Contributions from external people can be send via pull requests
  • Because of our workflow regarding git and continuous testing, we can't use the big green merge button

How to merge

# edit this to match the situation:

cd madek
git checkout -b ${USER_SHORT}_${TARGET} ${TARGET}
git pull${USER_GITHUB}/madek.git ${TARGET}
# should had no conflicts
git push --set-upstream origin ${USER_SHORT}_${TARGET}
# test in CI, if success:
git checkout ${TARGET}
git merge ${USER_SHORT}_${TARGET}
git push origin ${TARGET}