Development Guide for Madek Version 3

This documents describes principles for developing Madek version 3.


A large part of Madek version 2 was created with the mind of providing the snappiest user interface with no much regard towards maintainability and stability. The development of Madek version 3 focuses on simplicity, stability and maintainability.


Progressive Enhancement and Resource-oriented Client Architecture

We strife to follow the recommendations of the Resource-oriented Client Architecture style and progressive enhancement. More precisely, all the major views must use this style.

Some parts, batch edit for example, may violate this principle and may rely entirely on JavaScript to function. We open this possibility to the end of not degrading user experience. Additionally we want to enable a streamlined development where progressive enhancement would effectively result in more complex and costly solutions.

The resources violating ROCA style shall be coordinated with the architect and recorded in this document.

Architecture and code quality

We do not excessively specify rules to ensure quality respectively architecture and code. We rely on a review process, see the Madek Submit and Review Process Documentation.

We use some tools which complement the manual review process. There is a static code format analyzer. It will fail upon violation. Any changes of the configuration of this tool must be coordinated with the architect, respectively brought up in team meetings. Further static code analysis is done via an external service. This is documented in the Madek Submit and Review Process Documentation.